Plan Your Investment to Become a Personal Trainer in India
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Plan Your Investment to Become a Personal Trainer in India
Jan 08, 2019
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With the increasing awareness of obesity and other health risks in India, the passion for maintaining positive changes to lifestyle has tremendously increased. This had led to a rise in the career options related to providing physical training. Personal training in India has become a career choice for many due to this wave of healthy living that has swept across the country. A personal trainer is an expert in a specific genre of fitness training and has knowledge about handling a specific type of audience. With the rise of weight and metabolic problems along with awareness of the people towards health, personal training in India is an advisable career choice.

If you are wondering about the cost of becoming a personal trainer in India, think no more. This article is crafted to cover how much you will need to invest approximately to successfully become a personal trainer in India. To give you an overview, it’s not much. In fact, what you need to invest more than money in achieving your dream is a lot of grit and hard work.


How To Become a Personal Trainer in India?


plan your expenses to become fitness trainer in india


Before understanding the breakdown of the cost of becoming a personal trainer in India, you must know about the process of becoming one. When you are aware of how to get where you want to be, you will easily understand the kind of cost you have to incur for becoming a personal trainer.

There are some basic steps in this process-

1. Have a Basic Education

It is recommended that you complete your schooling and gather knowledge about the human body and its functioning. If you choose to opt for different types of certifications in the future, you must have a thorough basic knowledge about this field.

2. Choose a Fitness Genre

The next step is to choose a fitness genre according to your professional goals, skill set and personal interests. This can be Strength Training, CrossFit, Pilates, Aerobics and many more. According to the fitness genre that you choose, you must also make an informed decision about the audience you want to cater to.

3. Choose a Personal Training Certification

Depending upon your decisions about the fitness genre and audience, you should then choose the right personal training certificate. Having a certificate not only increases your credibility and knowledge but also provides you with an evident competitive advantage.

4. Prepare for its Examination

The application process for personal trainer certificate includes submitting the application form along with the fee. After you are successfully registered, you should then proceed to prepare for its examination. The better you do in your exam, the better it will prepare you for your personal trainer career in India.

5. Gather Experience and Build Portfolio

After you have achieved your personal trainer certificate, you can go on to apply for jobs in gyms or for people who require a personal trainer. Building a portfolio will greatly help in your future endeavors.


Points To Remember


With the formation of REPs, completing proper education and certification will become necessary for pursuing a career in personal training. However, for excelling in the career that you are stepping into, it is highly recommended to assess your field completely and collect as much knowledge as possible about it.

When you proceed to learn more about this field, you will know that each age group, body and metabolism is unique. You must have knowledge about what is best for a certain audience and how to identify medical emergencies in your clients. In fact, you must also know basic first aid and treatments of these problems in case of an emergency. Therefore, it is a wise choice to go for a reputed certificate course for personal training in India.


Top Personal Training Certificate Courses in India



personal trainer course- K11


If the various pros of doing a certificate course for personal training has managed to grab your attention, then here are some of the certifications you can choose from. Apart from the money you spend on building your own physique, this is the only other major cost you will have to bear to become a personal trainer in India.

1. Diploma in Personal Training

For gathering updated information about exercise sciences with practical and theoretical education, this is the recommended certification from K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. It will equip you with the knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology and exercises for all body parts. Check out more information about this certificate here.

2. CPT for Special Populations (CPT-SP)

Joint issues are becoming prevalent among the aged in India and this has given rise to people who want to hire personal trainers that excel in providing physical training to special populations. This certificate from K11 will equip you with the latest knowledge about several health issues in special populations so that you can understand the doctor’s diagnosis and train the client accordingly. You can know more about it on the website here.

3. Certified Sports Nutritionist (CSN)

If you have decided to provide physical training to professional athletes, you must know about their metabolism and the types of exercises they require to keep their stamina and strength. This certificate from K11 will enable you to gain knowledge about sports nutrition and macro-nutrients to meet their needs. If you are curious, you are welcome to read more about this certificate here.


Cost of Becoming Personal Trainer in India



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The money you will be investing for becoming a successful personal trainer in India covers two major spheres- personal training certificate and your marketing.

Again, this must be remembered that the costs will vary according to the choices that you make because nothing is mandatory in this career choice. However, it is recommended to think of the money you invest in yourself, your certificate and marketing as not costs but investments which will pay back when you gain substantial clientele.

1. Getting Your Personal Training Certification

For achieving a competitive edge and getting all-round knowledge about your fitness genre, it is recommended to have a personal training certificate. The Diploma in Personal Training will cost you 86,200 INR. If you are interested in providing services to special populations, the certification will cost you 58,700 INR.  The Certified Sports Nutritionist certificate will cost you 57,500 INR.

2. Marketing

If you have successfully completed these stages, you should consider investing in marketing your skills. It will depend completely on your comfort level and affordability. You can create a fitness blog or website, where you can update your portfolio and ask your clients to provide testimonials. This will also give you a chance of improving your services. The entire website/blog construction and management can cost you approximate 4,000 INR to 5,000 INR in the first year and will decrease in the subsequent years.

A Final Word

As you can see, there are different types of investments involved in the process of becoming a personal trainer in India. However, the best part about this career choice is that you can always go for something that falls inside your affordability. But like all careers, investing optimally today will help you gather more clientele tomorrow.


investment personal trainer india


If you decide to go for a personal trainer certificate, you will be glad to know that the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences provides an option to pay the course fee in a 3, 5 and 7 month EMI as well. Therefore, you can actually gain such a reputed and credible personal trainer certificate without having to spend a lot of money in one go.

Besides, investing in a certificate can yield great results for your career and you can expect to earn at least 12,000 INR to 15,000 INR at the initial level. With experience and appropriate marketing, you can triple this amount in a matter of months. Therefore, you can recover the investment of becoming a personal trainer as soon as you start working and by putting your best in your work. Thus, the investment to become a personal trainer in India completely depends on YOU and how you choose to proceed towards your career success!


Good luck!

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