How Much do Certified Personal Trainers Earn in India
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How Much do Certified Personal Trainers Earn in India?
Jan 16, 2019
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Certificate in Personal Trainer

With the rising figures of obesity in the world, the fitness industry in India has bloomed rapidly in the last decade. People have become much more careful about their health, appearance and overall wellness. The demand for weight loss products in India and other health services has increased tremendously in recent years.

Even busy professionals have started making time for at least an hour of gymming or any physical activity of their choice. This might not be a new factor. However, something that has emerged as a new thing is the customer’s preference for personalized services. As a result of this trend shift, the demand for certified personal trainers in India has grown exponentially. For all the personal trainer aspirants out there, it is a great time to establish your career in India.

Having a certification in personal training furnishes you with all the necessary information you need to know for providing the best results for your clients. In addition to it, your specific knowledge will make your client base will put more trust in you and thus, increase your customer base through word of mouth.

The importance of certifications is increasing gradually and it is also becoming compulsory in India. With the launch of REPs India, slowly every personal trainer will need to have appropriate certifications as no fitness institution or gyms will choose non-certified professionals. Certification not only prepares you well for the job you want but also adds to your trustworthiness. Before we break down about how much certified personal trainers make in India, let us discuss some top fitness certifications that you can choose for your career. If you already know about these, you can skip to certified personal trainers earnings information.

Certification for Personal Trainers in India

The awareness levels of the public have also increased with their demands and therefore, they ensure that the personal trainer hired holds necessary knowledge, certification and experience.


Certification as Personal Trainer


With the launch of REPs India, there has been a redefinition of standards in the fitness industry to make sure that the instructions and workouts provided by the personal trainers are both effective and safe for the customers. Therefore it is not enough to just know about different types of diets and exercises for becoming a personal trainer in India. It is also necessary to receive the relevant certification.

Here let’s take a look at some of the certifications available:

Certification for Senior Citizens

In order to decide the type of certification that you will need to pursue your career, you must decide who you will be training. If you are passionate about training special populations such as the elderly, you must know how to deal with customers having health issues or even injuries. You must also understand the metabolism of senior citizens and know the most effective and safe workouts for such populace. For this purpose, a diploma on special population will help you reach a number of clients that are willing to pay you a bounty to receive personalized training services.

Certification for Sports People

For someone wanting to train sportsmen/women, you must first understand the needs of an active body. You must gain a clear idea about the types of workouts that are aimed at strengthening the different muscle groups and increasing stamina while helping them in their particular type of sports. Also, you should have a thorough knowledge of the best nutrients for an athletic body. For receiving an all-round knowledge of this sphere and increasing your credibility to a large customer base, a certification on sports nutrition will help. Get certified and increase your chances to be hired!

Certified Personal Trainer

No matter which population you choose to cater to, a personal trainer must have a basic understanding of the joints, muscles and other complex structures of the human body. They also must know about human anatomy and various micro and macro-nutrients and their role in the fitness of the body. The Diploma in Personal Training Course provides you with these skills along with the necessary soft skills to ensure your credence and ability to providing personal training services in India and even abroad in countries like Australia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa.


Certified Personal Trainer Jobs in India



Certification as Personal Trainer


If you have received your certification, then congratulations! You now have a competitive edge for your personal training career. With your experience and certifications, you will be able to garner more trust and thus generate quality clientele. You are now eligible to get personal training jobs in India. Your clients will trust you for your meticulous understanding of human anatomy and fitness training and hire you on a monthly or hourly basis.

There are various tangents of career options as a personal trainer in India. For example, you can take personal training assignments from different clients or even decide to take full/part-time employment in top gym chains in India.


You also have career prospects at sports clubs, health resorts, five-star hotels etc., where you can work in their fitness facility.


When you start out in any line, it might take you some time to establish your name in the fitness industry. However, as you hone yourself, you will have more client base and name in the long-term. A profitable and smart career prospect can be to act as a consultant to provide fitness advice to clients and create a lasting relationship with them.


If you want to get into personal training government jobs, you have opportunities in that stream as well. For example, there are a number of government sports institutions and government-run health centres that hire personal trainers with relevant certifications and experience. Granted, it will take you some time to establish yourself in that department as you will have to build an amazing portfolio of the clients that have been benefited by your training. Although, once you have established your name, opportunities for you will be never-ending.

Expected Earnings of Certified Personal Trainers in India


Certification as Personal Trainer

On an average, a personal trainer in India can earn anywhere between 117,192 INR – 1,411,709 INR on a yearly basis. If you opt for providing personal training services by the hour, you can make about 10,000 INR per hour and above. It all depends on the result you bring to your clients. However, this average is affected due to factors such as the city of work, years of experience etc.  

Making it As a Certified Personal Trainer In India

Certification as Personal Trainer

As explained in this article, becoming a personal trainer largely depends upon your understanding of the human anatomy, role of macro and micro-nutrients in the body’s growth, different types of metabolisms and suitable workouts for all body types. Certification is recommended and is slowly becoming compulsory because it will help you gain a stand in the fitness world and lend you credibility for your services.


Another factor that can bring you into the limelight is your understanding of the latest fitness methods and products. For this, you must invest in a certification course to ensure your specific knowledge on the subject. For more information about these courses, visit here.  


It is also necessary to subscribe to the scientifically right fitness blogs from India and the world. You must keep reading about these sciences while understanding their applicability. It is necessary to remember that for a personal trainer, it is the results you provide that speak volumes. Ultimately, it is your results that will pave way for your better recognition and therefore, better earnings.


The Way Ahead


Undoubtedly one of the most important factors that a personal trainer must focus on is his/her own fitness first. Being fit yourself is a must to make an impression as a personal trainer. Apart from this, you must possess soft skills such as patience, amazing interpersonal skills and sound knowledge of the human body with respect to kinesiology and anatomy. Your knowledge, experience and updated certification will allow the clients to not only trust you but also spread the word about the positive results they have achieved with you. This can prove to be a great acceleration to your career as a certified personal trainer in India!


All the best for a successful career!

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