Virtual Classroom: Aspiring Fitness Professionals Can Study From Home
K11 School of Fitness Sciences


Virtual Classroom: Aspiring Fitness Professionals Can Study From Home
Apr 25, 2020
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K11 School of Fitness Sciences

This Is Our First Time, Because You Come First

We want you to be safe and still be able to study. That’s why we built a virtual classroom so that you can build your career as a fitness professional. You can still chase your dreams and learn about fitness sciences with the help of our Attend Class from Home program.

We are powering the K11 experience with a videoconferencing tool to create an interactive virtual classroom. You won’t have to step out during these testing times. We’ll do the heavy lifting. We’ll come to you.

Save Time and Money

Studying from home will cut all relocating and living expenses till the duration of the theory lectures. This is our way of saying “yes, keep that fire burning in your belly.” You showed us the will, and we found a way.

Learn in a Virtual Classroom. Interact With Your Lecturer

Virtual classroom experience: An image displaying the view of the lecturer on the screen of the student's device

All your lectures will be live. K11 lecturers will teach you in real time, and you will be able to interact just how you would in a classroom. Our way of teaching fitness sciences guarantees that your lectures will never be pre-recorded.

We want you to learn, truly. We want your thoughts, questions, and answers to flow freely. You’ll be able to do that and much more in your virtual classroom. Here’s how it would look like:

Virtual classroom experience: An image displaying the view of the entire class on the screen of the student's device

Log In and Learn: It’s Really That Simple

  • We’ll send you a link on WhatsApp or your email Id. Once you click the link, we’ll connect, and you’ll enter your virtual classroom. The K11 lecturer will be live on your screen, along with your classmates. Every lecture will begin as easily as this.

  • We’ve tested the videoconferencing tool ourselves. During the Principal’s Address, our Co-Founder and Director, Kaizzad Capadia, can see every student on his screen. You can rest assured knowing that the K11 lecturer will always know when you have a query.

Resolve Your Doubts. Learn Without a Worry. Study for a Stellar Career

If you have questions, you can raise your hand, really! Our lecturers will put the lecture on hold and explain every concept. Your classmates will be live too. So use lecture breaks to discuss and revise topics among yourselves. Become a part of the classroom.

We will email the study material before the lecture begins. You can review the slides after class—revision is important!

Your journey will begin once your theory lectures end. We’ll make sure you gain all the knowledge and skills regardless of the physical distance. We’ll help you every step of the way to secure the job you deserve. Just like this, you can create a career for yourself.

Live in Action!

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The First Successful ATTEND CLASS FROM HOME was executed yesterday by me for my PRINCIPALS ADDRESS. A 140 students attended my lecture from the safety of their homes. A very successful 3 hour lecture followed by a 2 hour Q&A went off smooth despite connecting to a 140 different locations. On my screen you can see only about 25, but they used to change as per who was speaking in the #virtual classroom. Our Teachers will be conducting lectures like this but hopefully from Classrooms to students at home for a maximum of 30 different locations. Hence, that is bound to be even more smooth. @cisco @webex came through for us and I for one am hugely relieved. This is an extremely difficult and trying time for all of us. Any solution that works, however big or small, gives us strength to carry on. Need of the hour is #innovation Need of the hour is #adaptation Need of the hour is to be #relentless Need of the hour is to #stayathome Need of the hour is to #workfromhome 10 times harder than we did from our #officespace In the next 15 mins I address the #ahmedabad #kolkata and #pune 7am batches via #videoconference that is as interactive as face to face in a classroom. Was amazed how easy if was for students to barge in while I was talking and ask questions. Due to the curfew type situation, I could not conduct the class from the #k11 #classroom and instead had to #teach #fromhome #learningneverstops #knowledgeispower #education #vocationaltraining #skillindia #nsdc #personaltrainer #personaltraining #fitnessindustry #career #skills #virtualreality #technology #communication

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Know More About Our Virtual Classroom

It’s a new way of learning, and we know you may have questions. So get in touch with us. Our course counsellors will solve every query. Call us or send us a message. Click on enquire now, fill in your details, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Rahul Chitrakar: K11 School of Fitness Sciences

Virtual Classroom: Attend Class From Home and Become a Fitness Professional
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Virtual Classroom: Attend Class From Home and Become a Fitness Professional
Study fitness sciences in a virtual classroom. Attend class from home, interact with your lecturer, and build a career in the fitness industry.
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