Finding Online Certification for Fitness Trainers? Consider Virtual Classes
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Searching for Online Certification for Fitness Trainers? You Should Consider Virtual Classes. Here’s Why
May 04, 2020
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K11 School of Fitness Sciences

The Concept of Online vs Virtual: What’s the Difference?

Online Certification for Fitness Trainers

Online certification for fitness trainers makes education easily accessible, but does it make fitness sciences understandable? You can’t communicate or express yourself in any way, other than pressing play, pause, and replay. You can sit in front of a screen without saying a word for hours or even fall asleep as the recording plays, or you can choose another option.

Virtual Classroom

A virtual classroom gives you the ability to speak with your lecturer, see your classmates, and communicate whenever you want. These abilities build a lifelike classroom on your screen to help you study like you were sitting right in front of the lecturer. You can choose to speak and respond. You can choose to make your voice and questions heard. In simple words, you can choose to study.

Online Certification for Fitness Trainers: A One-Way Lane

You stare at a recording. Sure, you can pause, play, and replay it, but that’s all there is to do. You can’t ask questions or communicate with classmates (actually, there are no classmates). You can’t interact. You’re stuck in a one-way lane. Someone talks, someone listens, and the video recording keeps playing. The words pour out of the speakers, but you can’t speak.

If you have a doubt, you’ll have to scribble it on a piece of paper, email the concerned department, and wait for a reply. It might take a few hours or a day or two.

Virtual Classroom: Take Actions That Lead to Interactions

A lecturer can see you and ask you a question, and you can do the same. If you have a doubt, just ask. If your classmates have answers, just listen. When the lecturer speaks to you, just respond.

You don’t have to wait to clarify a concept or get an answer to a question. The class is live, and you get an answer to every question on the spot.

Here’s Our Student Sharing His Attend Class From Home Setup

Online Certification for Fitness Trainers: Dig for Answers Alone

You’re the only student. The only way to resolve a query is to sit through the lecture again and again and again. An answer that could reach you within seconds could end up eating hours of your time. Time is precious. Should you be digging for answers despite paying to learn in the first place? Sometimes, you get clarity. Sometimes, you don’t understand a concept regardless of how many times you replay the lecture. What do you do then?

You contact the support team for an answer or type in multiple Google searches till your fingers cramp and your eyes tire after scanning countless webpages. You’re pretty much searching for answers by yourself. What’s so “fit” about an online certification for fitness trainers? The question beckons.

Virtual Classroom: Learn Together

You’re not alone. A lecturer is live on your screen, and the lecturer is ready to answer any query within seconds (it could take minutes, but you get the point). Interactions also level up when you communicate with classmates: exchange tips, notes, and queries, and discuss topics with each other. It helps to learn together, wouldn’t you agree?

K11’s Virtual Classroom: You’ll Study in Our Classroom Regardless of Where You Are

Different than online certification for fitness trainers: A picture displaying the creative for K11's virtual classroom

We’d love to teach you in our schools, in our labs and classrooms. There’s no doubt about it. But we understand that leaving your city, leaving your home might not be an option. Sometimes, you can’t travel. That’s why we’re giving you the option of studying in a virtual classroom; you can log in from afar and teleport to our classroom.

You will be right in front of our lecturers and have access to every form of student support. This is a way of saying, “you can become a K11 student from anywhere in the world, and you can be K11 certified from anywhere in the world.”

A Special Note for Our Diploma in Personal Training Course

You would have to travel to our schools for this course after the completion of theory lecturers. Reading about exercise science and form and technique isn’t enough. We believe you must learn to apply, and then you must apply to learn. This means attending practical sessions at the school, on the gym floor. Your practical knowledge should be as sound as your theoretical knowledge before you’re K11-certified.

Earlier, you would’ve had to relocate and bear living and travelling expenses for 6 months, for the entire duration of the course (theory and practicals combined). Now, you would have to relocate for 2 months, only for the duration of practical sessions. Now, you can study from home and save time and money.

A Note for Our Other Courses

You can attend class from home for all our other courses: Human Performance Nutrition (HPN) Certification Course and Personal Training for Special Populations (PT-SP) Certification Course. You will not have to travel for assessments and examinations.

This Is Your Choice. Make it Count!

No two people are the same. Each might prefer a different method of learning: online or virtual. But now you know the difference. We hope this post can help you choose what’s best to build your career as a fitness professional.


Rahul Chitrakar: K11 School of Fitness Sciences

Searching for Online Certification for Fitness Trainers? You Should Consider Virtual Classes. Here's Why
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Searching for Online Certification for Fitness Trainers? You Should Consider Virtual Classes. Here's Why
Lectures for online certification for fitness trainers are pre-recorded. Why not interact with a lecturer in a virtual classroom?
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