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Student First. Safety First: COVID-19 Prosafety Measures at K11 School of Fitness Sciences
Sep 22, 2020
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K11 School of Fitness Sciences


The world may be a stage, but right now the stage needs extra care to tread upon. Caution persists despite the pandemic and the news surrounding it, and no one knows this better than us at K11. That’s why we’re not just following government standard operating procedures, we’re setting a benchmark of our own. We guarantee the safety of you, your son, daughter, brother, sister, grandson, and granddaughter in the classroom or the training lab.

Here’s a narrative of all the measures we’re taking at K11 School of Fitness Sciences. If there ever were the truest representation of the saying leaving no stone unturned, then this is it. We cannot stress enough on the importance of student safety, that’s why such measures will continue as the pandemic locomotes along. You could call it antiCovid measures or you can term it prosafety measures. Both are the same.

Here are some of the safety measures at a glance:

  • Triple temperature checks before entering the premises
  • Social distancing markings within the premises
  • Ultraviolet (UV) lamps in classrooms and labs
  • Nano-coating treatment throughout the premises
  • Compulsory face shields for every member of the K11 staff
  • Hand sanitization compulsory at the entrance and within the school

Staff, students, or prospects cannot enter without ticking all the checkboxes. Safety will not be compromised.

“Accuracy will be chased to its logical extent”

Director and Cofounder Kaizzad Capadia

Face Shields: The MUKUT of Protection

Our face shields, known as MUKUTS, are built to truly serve a purpose, designed by ergonomist Mr Yogesh Rao. Here’s how it looks and works: You can place your chin more comfortably than any other mask out there. It doesn’t let your hands come in contact with your face for the sole reason that the opening is at the top. The shield also moves away from the face for the comfort of the bespectacled.

Due to their daily use, these masks will be cleansed in a box that emits UV rays so that they may be reused. UV rays directly attack the microbes, and in doing so, they assure safe reuse every day. Each box can house up to 9 MUKUTS. The UV rays penetrate all the microbes.

“These boxes are used in hospitals usually to sanitize surgical tools.”

Director and Cofounder Kaizzad Capadia

Clearing the Air, Also Surfaces

To ensure a truly microbe-free environment, our labs and classrooms are fitted with UV lamps. Since UV rays are harmful to humans, we’ve scheduled to empty the labs and classrooms in between breaks and only then switch on the UV lamps. Since there will be a 45-minute buffer period between lectures, this works out perfectly.

No Surface Tension: Eradicating Fomite Transmission

To curb the spread of the virus from surfaces, we opted for a German nano-coating treatment called Liquid Guard. This surface treatment is good to last for 12 months. The Indian authorities have certified it for 6 months. What’s more is that it is government approved to be effective against surface transmission from all sorts of viruses and bacteria. And we already placed a purchase order for when these 6 months elapse.

“thus covering a full year of microbe-free environment.”

Director and Cofounder Kaizzad Capadia

This ensures that in the case of a cough or a sneeze, the liquid droplets from our mouth will be effectively cleansed. Since this strain of the coronavirus can last anywhere between 2 hours to 9 days on surfaces, we want to wipe it out wholesale.

We also follow the government mandate of maintaining a temperature of 24.5 degrees Celsius. This is so that the shelf life of any microbe isn’t unnecessarily extended due to cold climes.

How Does Spraying Work Exactly?

Imagine the spray being embedded on objects as a bed of needles, these needles will then puncture any microbe that tries to settle on it. This happens on the level of nanotechnology, but if you were to magnify the activity, this is exactly what you would see. Therefore, we can scientifically ensure that the microbes won’t settle, indeed. On a parting note, here’s a parting quote from our Director and Cofounder Kaizzad Capadia:

“We’re K11. We’re scientific, and thus, we will truly keep you safe”


Rahul Chitrakar: K11 School of Fitness Sciences

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