All About REPS: In Conversation with the Director, Founder, and the CEO
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All About REPS India: In Conversation with the CEO, and the Founder and Director
Oct 01, 2020
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We want you to know the exact nature of the REPS registration in these times in the fitness industry. We want you to know that it isn’t a mere formality. It’s a badge of pride that every personal trainer must possess. Our aim is to help you grasp exactly what CPD, REPS, iCREPS, NSQF, insurance, and portability and beyond mean in the REPS ecosystem.  

To lend further credibility, let the founder and chief executive tell you more. The conversation was moderated by Mr Vikram Dutta from unmonk. It took place in 4 parts, which is why we’ll be demarcating what each video focused on with time stamps for your convenience. But, first, let’s have introductions in order.

Part 1: The beginning

Introduction: 00:00 to 09:00

Mr Amjad Khan

Mr Amjad Khan has been around the block. He was born and brought up in India with a zeal for fitness. But, he had an aspiration to take it up a notch. He went abroad to procure further fitness certifications, and then Mr Khan began climbing the ladder of fitness rung by rung by becoming the trainer of the year for 5 times in a row, that too at Fitness First, Dubai. This was followed by a lifestyle that was beyond comfortable. But, he made sure nobody was more qualified than him. Education was what gave him the edge and separated him from the rest of the pack.

Soon after, Mr Khan became founder and director of Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) India. He is also the chairman of International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (iCREPS) limited.

Equally Esteemed: Ms Ritu Maggo, CEO of REPS India

Ms Maggo was a lifestyle and nutrition specialist. Also, she hailed from the sector skill council wherein she happened to acquaint herself with our own frameworks, our own ecosystems. She worked with the who’s who of the fitness industry, and she has the greatest hold on and knowledge about the entire ecosystem of the Indian chapter of REPS: REPS India. Ms Maggo feels all of us have come a long way from merely dreaming about a register to actually creating one. Now what will follow will be the highlights from the 3+ hours of conversation, you can follow along with the videos side by side with the help of these highlights. Feel free to jump to the sections you like.

The Highlights: Part 1

What is REPS?

After the stellar introductions, the questions flowed thick and fast. Mr Dutta asked straightaway, “What is REPS India?” Ms Maggo was quick to answer this question with tact and terseness. You’ll find the time stamp here: 10:00 to 11:00

What is the register?

Then came the question of what is the register? Ms Maggo again took the reins to shed light on the matter. You’ll find the time stamp here: 11:00 to 13:00

What is iCREPS?

This time, we passed the mic to Mr Khan. He answered by explaining that iCREPS is the parent organization of REPS India. And you can find more here in the video: 14:00 to 17:13

What is National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF)?

National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF), as Ms Maggo began explaining, is a framework that assesses the qualification of a skill. It is applied worldwide, and it may even be known by a different name in a different country, but its purpose is all the same. Know more about it in this time stamp: 18:07 to 27:00

What is portability?

Mr Khan then took center stage to answer Mr Dutta’s questions. His answer covered many a point related to portability. You can catch all the pros sans the cons here: 28:00 to 33:18

This was followed by talks about a personal trainer and personal training. There was more! Mr Khan shared a few milestones of his trailblazing, prolific career. You can find it all in this time stamp: 35:00 to 43:00

Becoming REPS recognized

Ms Maggo then shone the light on the process of an institution, providing fitness education, becoming REPS recognized. She added by saying that accreditation is an independent process. It has different angles and many aspects. What are those exhaustive aspects? Find them in this time stamp: 45:39 to 58:10

Part 2: Continuation

The Highlights: Part 2

Same same but different

After a quick recap about the accreditation process, Ms Maggo and Mr Khan spoke about different countries having different processes for accreditation: 3:25 to 11:51.

Mr Vikram Dutta: Why should a training provider be recognized by REPS India?

Mr Khan quickly took to the metaphorical podium, and you’ll find the answer to this titillating question here: 12:36 to 16:20

How does it affect fitness professionals?

Mr Dutta then followed this up with another question, asking how things have changed for fitness professionals with the setup of the register. Mr Khan was swift in his response: 17:48 to 20:00

Mr Dutta further added a question regarding the visibility of fitness professionals on the website of REPS India. This time, Ms Maggo and Mr Khan both took the initiative to talk about it: 21:41 to 30:08


Mr Dutta noticed a peculiar blinking button on the REPS website that caught his eye. It read Insurance. He wanted to know what it was about. As you would predict, Ms Maggo was quick to sweep in with an answer: 30:37 to 40:53

There’s more where that came from

Mr Khan then elaborated all the benefits a fitness professional has in store, and Ms Maggo threw her hat in the ring too: 40:55 to 46:12

Benefits for every stakeholder

Mr Dutta then enquired about how the gym owner and end user benefit from the register, when all the stakeholders meet on the gym floor: 48:03 to 58:00

Part 3: Continuation

The Highlights: Part 3

What are high standards?

Mr Dutta then asked for a bit more clarity about the standards. What standards should be met when talking about portability? How does it work internationally? Ms Maggo answered the question with adept analogies, and Mr Khan followed suit: 1:21 to 13:21

How are other member countries doing?

Mr Dutta quickly shot a question at Mr Khan’s direction, regarding the countries with their own registers and affiliations. Mr Khan followed up by letting Ms Maggo articulate with eloquence: 13:31 to 19:33

Mr Dutta was quick to spot that the United Kingdom wasn’t mentioned despite it being on the list of the 6 member countries. Mr Khan answered the why of it, with Ms Maggo following up: 19:55 to 22:45

Trying to include more countries

An elated Mr Dutta directed a question toward Mr Khan, because of the latter’s stellar credentials, to seek clarity regarding whether more countries are going to become members of iCREPS: 23:50 to 30:03

The lifecycle of a registered fitness professional

Mr Dutta then posed a question to Ms Maggo regarding what happens after one becomes a registered fitness professional. Points about continuous professional development (CPD) as a knowledge upgrade were also discussed: 30:50 to 41:22

Can an externally precertified trainer register himself or herself?

Mr Dutta steered the conversation to another direction to ask about what happens to those who’re externally certified from, for example, the American Council of Exercise, but want to be a member of iCREPS? What happens then in the ecosystem? 42:00 to 49:35

Canada and USA are not included, yet

Then, Mr Dutta asked another question: what about Canada or USA? Why are these not full members of the iCREPS ecosystem. Here’s the response: 50:00 to 51:19

How portability helps in real life

Mr Dutta and Ms Maggo then cited a real-life example of one of the many benefits of REPS India registration: 52:04 to 55:20

Part 4: The end

The Highlights: Part 4

As amazing as REPS registration is, it is not compulsory, but by now you must know that there are more benefits than nonexistent demerits with REPS and iCREPS. Also, REPS India is not a placement agency. We’ve left this here to clear the air on the matter: 00:27 to 2:11.

That brings us to the end of a free-flowing conversation with the crème de la crème of the fitness industry. We hope you could clear some of your doubts or gain clarity about a new concept altogether.  


Rahul Chitrakar: K11 School of Fitness Sciences

All About REPS: In Conversation with the Director, Founder, and the CEO
Article Name
All About REPS: In Conversation with the Director, Founder, and the CEO
We want you to know the exact nature of the REPS registration. It isn’t a mere formality. Today, our aim is to help you understand its significance.
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