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Life of a K11 Course Counselor
Jul 05, 2022
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It all starts with “Hello, K11 School of Fitness Sciences, Sandesh here, how may I assist you?”, and doesn’t end at, rather re-starts with “Welcome to K11. All The Best for your Education with us.”

Yes, the Sales Counsellor of K11, i.e. the K11 Course Counsellor is there with Students starting from the point they’re aspirants in the fitness industry, during the student stage, and thereafter throughout their professional career. 

The usual challenge faced by most of the Salesmen is projecting in front of the prospective customer a better or the false picture of the product or service offered by them, by the means of overstating or hiding facts, in short by sheer lying.

Here, at K11, to an aspiring student, the Sales Counsellor states facts as it is, gives all the information available, provides answers to all the questions, and provides solutions to all the queries.

Here the challenge is being able to project a picture of the Supreme Quality Fitness Education and Services that are on offer. The challenge is to keep raising the bar of the Sales Presentation so as to match our ever-evolving product, and the teaching quality. We, the K11 Sales Team, have extreme confidence in our Teachers, and so we are able to live up to this challenge with equal confidence.

In K11, the Sales Team gets respect from our prospects from the enquiry stage itself. After they become our students, and experience the K11 Teaching, they become extremely delighted, and then they respect us even more. Many times, later on, they thank us for guiding them at the enquiry stage.

As a Salesman, if you are used to falling short of enquiries, you will be overwhelmed to see the ever pouring productive enquiries. Thanks to our huge Sales Force outside the company, i.e. our Alumni for spreading a ‘Word of Mouth’ on their own. Thanks to our Marketing department also who ensure our presence on all the marketing platforms, and make it easier for all the aspiring students to reach us. Hence, there is no ‘cold calling’ here. We contact only those who reach out to us for the information. Our first call itself is welcomed by a prospect with “Yes Sir / Yes Ma’am.” After that, we live up to the words by which we are addressed by simply giving the information as it is.

Wish to know how the life of a Sales Counsellor, a K11 Course Counsellor is?

We reach our work desk knowing the ‘Counselling Sessions’ planned for the day, the ‘Calls’ planned for the day, the ‘Admission formalities’ planned for the day, also knowing well that there will be an inflow of a number of enquiries, and also the Students reaching out for guidance and assistance. A quick meeting is taken by the School Head to plan and execute our day.
So this is how a day in the life of a Sales Counsellor looks like. The day might start with a follow-up call to an aspiring student, while we’re completing this we come to realise that we have been tagged in an enquiry in the google chat group by the marketing department. After we finish updating the comments of the previous call in the system, we call this new lead. Even before we’re done with this call, we get to know that one prospect has reached School for taking information. We attend the prospect, and after that counselling session, we immediately receive an incoming call for the enquiry on our board line. As we finish that, we get a call from the admin that a student wants to meet us for some guidance. After we get back from there, we realise that there are two new leads generated in the system. Throughout all these, the School Head has a keen eye on the activities happening, and a constant reminder, and feedback keeps coming from there. And yes, throughout the day, we as a team, keep navigating among all these tasks, making sure that we reach everyone.

The day ends with the ‘End of the Day Report’ shared by each and every Sales Counsellor, along with the reports for the entire Sales Team shared by one of the School Heads or the Response Head. Every single day we know where we stand as an individual and we know where we stand as a Team.

In K11, we follow an approach called the NON SALES approach or we can call it the ‘Information Symmetry’ approach. This is the purest and the simplest way to do sales. If you have worked in Sales earlier, I assure you that you will enjoy working in Sales here a lot more.

As a Sales Counsellor, we give the objective information of the course over calls to prospects, and then we invite them for a ‘Course Counselling Session’ i.e. Course Information Session.

These Counselling sessions begin with giving a School Tour to the aspirant, and then provide them with all the relevant information about our school and the courses that they’re interested in. We make sure that all the questions of a prospect are answered, and all the queries are resolved. For this, as and when required, we make them meet or make them talk to the respective domain experts from K11. As a Counsellor, we ensure that after the session, the prospect gets clarity which helps him or her make a decision in his or her benefit. We don’t do anything to impress. We just express ourselves to the fullest, and often in the feedback calls made by the Heads, we get to hear from the prospects that they were impressed.

Like in any Salesman’s profile, a follow-up does happen. Here it is always with a verbal agreement with the Prospect. The follow-up is again to solve queries, give solutions, and give information. So in K11, we don’t try to sell; our prospects choose to purchase, and a Sale happens.

During work hours, we remain fully occupied making calls and doing counselling, and suddenly one of us gets a Zoom link to join a meeting called by the COO, or the Sales Head, and the Audit Department. That Counsellor is given a detailed analysis and feedback of either his or her calls or the counselling sessions. Such a meeting happens in the presence of the School Heads. Sometimes the Product Training Head also does audits, and gives feedback. All of such meetings help us to get on track, and to improve our work. And yes, all of us look forward to these.

If you ever find selling a particular product to be a monotonous affair then your experience here will be a lot different. In K11, the products keep getting upgraded, and so we the Sales Team members always keep finding better ways to present that. So you will never feel that the work is monotonous here. ‘Change’ is one of the things that are constant in K11.

All of the K11 Counsellors across the country keep meeting each other in some of the periodical and weekly meetings. In the ‘Tuesday Weekly Sales Meetings’, a review of where the entire Sales Team is heading is taken by the Sales Head. In these meetings, the new strategies are discussed by the Sales Head, and the School Heads with the entire team. In these meetings, a lot of brainstorming happens, and yes all participate; even the newest of the members are encouraged to speak.

A good performance in terms of the numbers, and efforts is always given its due credit. At the same time, the members lagging behind in performance are made aware, and are given guidance. As the K11 Sales Team Members, we are given credit for good performance, and yes, we take complete responsibility for a poor performance also.

Sometimes we see the Head of the Product Training Department in the Sales Meeting, and we know that there is an update in the product and the product presentation, and there is going to be some learning today.

The CFO, the Accreditation Department Head, or any other HODs also join if they have to give some updates related to their departments. And then the Product Training Head and the Sales Head guide us as to how we present that.

And once in a while the CEO also joins the Sales Meeting. At that time we always know that we are not going to have the answers to most of the questions asked by the CEO. We fumble, we struggle while some data and its analysis is asked. At times, we even wonder how it is possible to keep a track of so many different things. After the meeting, we start keeping a track of that data, and soon it becomes a part of our periodical reports. After a while, we realise its importance, and then it becomes our habit to be aware of our own work. The next time the CEO joins the meeting, again we fumble, and the cycle repeats. The learning and the realisation continues.

By the way, a new member joining the Sales Team goes through a month-long intensive Training under the Product Training Department Head, the Sales Head, and all the other HODs. This training is followed by the exam, and the review by a panel, and those who clear, join the K11 Sales Team.

The training is not only for the new members. For the experienced Counsellors, the Refresher Training sessions are conducted by the Product Training Head as and when required. And yes, all of us look forward to these.

As you have continued reading this write-up till now, and as a Salesman, if you are feeling excited or thrilled, you may continue reading further.

If you are open to being audited for your work,
If you are open to the feedback given on your work,
If you are open to the constant changes,
If you are open to keep learning,
If you are open to unlearn, and re-learn,
If you are ready and eager to apply the learnings,
If you are ready to think, and  put forth suggestions, 
You are welcome to join our Sales Team, and be a part of us.

If you know that you are Sales Driven,
If you are sure that the Sales is your forte, 
I assure you that, here at K11, you will experience the Ultimate Power of being a Salesman like never before.

– Sandesh Kolwankar
Senior Course Counsellor

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