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Here Are 9 Kinds of Jobs That personal Trainers Can Do
Sep 07, 2019
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We live in an age of growing health and fitness awareness, where people are starting to get more and more conscious about what they eat and how they take care of their bodies. While some people might have a basic fitness knowledge and can form their own workout routine, a majority of people these days choose to approach a professional fitness trainer to guide them on their fitness journey.

With fitness market revenues in India amounting to USD 908 million in the year 2018, and showing a promising growth rate till the year 2022, there are a number of fitness-related career options that personal trainers can choose from, which guarantee a stable and fruitful income.

Gone are the days when you could only choose between being a PT coach at school or a gym trainer! As of 2019, whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re just starting out on your personal training journey, there are definitely a good number of career options that you can pick from.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the most promising and sought after careers for personal trainers.


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Private Home Personal Trainer


In today’s busy world, not everyone has the luxury of dedicating time to go to a gym, but are still keen on keeping their body and their diet healthy. That’s why, nowadays, there has been a rise in the demand for fitness instructors and dietitians who would go to their clients’ homes and organize personal one-on-one-sessions and diet plans for their clients.

Not only is this more comfortable and convenient, but this is more preferred by people because of the kind of personal attention each individual gets with the trainer. These jobs are very flexible, have the opportunity to maintain to multiple clients at the same time, and because of the personal catering, are well paying as well.

Keleven Personal Trainers

# Corporate Fitness Trainer

Companies these days are getting most fitness and health conscious and often involve themselves in group fitness activities on a regular basis, to create a sense of mental and physical strength and health. Current age employers are expected to create a more comfortable and energetic work environment for their employees, and group bonding through fitness has proved to be very helpful in this issue. Therefore, there is a growing demand in the fitness market for fitness professionals who can deal with and train a large group of corporate workers, and motivate them to work out on a weekly/daily basis.

This is definitely a great career option for many reasons – the pay is great, you are your own boss, and you can take on more than one client at once, depending on how much time you allot to this job. If you are a people person and love teaching large groups, this seems like the perfect job for you.

# Online Fitness Trainers

In the new age of the internet, people tend to get everything online, from clothes to groceries, and even their medicines. So why not get personal training guidance online as well? Many fitness trainers have started marketing themselves online through social media and are getting hired by people to be their online personal trainers, where they have to design a personalized exercise plan for their clients.


This allows you to take on more clients and also work on your own time, without a fixed working schedule. You can communicate with your clients through messages, email, or even hold Skype sessions. This also ensures that you are your own boss and have complete control over the number of clients you take on. In a time where brands are always on the lookout for new influencers to promote their products, you can also make additional money promoting products on your social pages online.

# Special Needs Therapists

Special needs therapists and trainers are those who offer personal training and guidance to those who are either disabled or have physical restraints that restrict them from being to take part in normal fitness activities. Places like hospitals, special needs schools, and nursing facilities as well, are always in need of fitness trainers who know how to deal with special needs patients.


This job may require special certification from trusted fitness training courses and people opting for this job need to have utmost patience, as well as knowing how to incorporate other activities like art, yoga, music and dance into their fitness program. The perk of this job is that you get to interact and a lot of interesting people and the pay for this type of job is incredibly high, as the job is very demanding.

Keleven Personal Trainers

# Personal Athletic Trainer/Coach


With the growing sports and fitness industry, the number of professional athletes and sportsmen in the country is growing day by day, and along with it, the need for professional athletic coaches, who will motivate and mould aspiring athletes in the required shape, physically and mentally, for their sports journey.


People interested in this job, need to have a good knowledge of sports or preferably be from a sports background, be a good motivator and leader and have a good idea of how to set the necessary required diet plans for each individual body and the sport type as well. You may also need to have special licensing, and a certified fitness trainer course in this field will increase your chances of getting more clients and a higher pay as well.

Choose The Right Job!

With these many options and the booming fitness market in the country, there are enough and more career options for fitness professionals to have a successful life and a good career growth prospect. With the right knowledge and qualifications, which can easily be obtained with fitness trainer courses, the sky is the limit with what you can do as a fitness trainer.