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Dear K11 Certified Personal Trainer - Your valid K11 certification entitles you, via RPL for international standards, REP's Level-3, assessments by assessors of ETA College in the K11 premises. Exams will be held from 15th October onwards.


As promised, we're back with the second part of our conversation with our wonder women. Just how we deep dived in part 1, we'll be digging deep for answers to questions such as how much money can I make? Will my job be secure? Can I really be financially independent? But, won't it be awkward training men? Enter our wonder women, wh
The fitness industry has come of age. In this domain, knowledge and hard work determine success, not gender. Women are not just surviving as fitness professionals, they’re thriving. A respectable status along with financial security and independence are the few things you can take for granted as a female entering the industry. To
Initially, attending class from home became a compulsion. We were forced into it. But now, we’re turning it into a convenience. Yes, attending class from home is safe and convenient. But now, we’re enhancing it to give you the best learning experience. We’ve adopted the videoconferencing medium and augmented it with a tech additio
The First Studying Tip: Spaced Repetition The studying tip is actually a studying technique. It’s called spaced repetition, and it’s backed by scientific evidence to help you remember everything you learn! All you need is 20 minutes to an hour every day to become a lifelong learner. You won’t have to worry about finding the time.
Going from "Doom" to Boom There were questions regarding the fitness industry: Will there be jobs for fitness professionals? Over the past weeks, we’ve received requests to send nutritionists and personal trainers to represent the most reputed names in the fitness industry. We’re not sure about the rest. Right now, the fitness indus