Fitness Trainer Certification – An Overview – Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition & Massage Therapy Courses by K11
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Fitness Trainer Certification – An Overview
Jan 05, 2016
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K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences
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If you have a passion for fitness and love to help people lose body fat and become fit, you should consider a career as a Certified Fitness Personal Trainer after doing a Personal Trainer Course from a reputed Fitness Academy. This course will help you understand the human body better.

People have become very busy with work and have absolutely no time to dedicate to travel to a gym for their health & fitness. So many people who can afford the luxury of personal trainers have invested in “Home Gym” setups to help them achieve their weight loss goals (Actually Fat Loss goals), and maintain good fitness levels. If you ask most people, they will tell you that the money spent on a personal trainer is money well spent.

The Diploma in Personal Training (DPT) course is a relatively short course and you will be taught the basics of Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Nutrition and Supplementation, Flexibility Training, Weight Training, Exercise Programming, Cardiovascular Exercise, Health Screening & Evaluation, First Aid and Approach to Fat Loss.

Once you have done the Personal Trainers course, it is imperative that you increase your scope & money earning potential by doing The Certified Personal Trainer for Special Populations (CPT-SP) Course

In the advanced personal trainer course, you will be taught how to handle various clients with medical problems, ailments or injuries. This course teaches you Orthopedic Pathologies- joint wise, Cardiovascular & Respiratory Pathologies, Metabolic Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Kinesiology, Soft Tissue Injuries, Arthritis, Hernias and Fractures.

To further increase your result orientedness with your clients, you can also do an additional course in Sports Nutrition. (Being able to guide your clients in both exercise & Nutrition will help you almost guarantee results to your clients.

This is a great course to help nutritionists, personal trainers, gym instructors and group fitness instructors on how to recommend a good diet to gym members & Personal training clients the tenets of Sports nutrition will help you improve the performance of your clients (whether they are corporate Executives, Models, House Wives or competitive athletes).

This is a very upcoming career choice in India. The demand for Fitness solutions is increasing at an exponential rate & this will only get better. Every big brand of International Franchise chains of Health Clubs is investing in India in a big way with all of them having plans of 100-200 gyms per brand in India. All of these need qualified personnel & will not hire without a valid certification from a reputed Fitness Academy.

Whatever is your motivation to become a trainer, remember, you must be passionate about fitness and have a desire to really change people’s lives. A fitness trainer certification course will help you understand human anatomy better and you will be better equipped to train individuals.

It is one of the most rewarding fields & one of the few in which you get to see an incredible smile on your customers’ faces, when they tell you, “Thank you for changing my life”. Along with monthly incomes of  INR 50k- 60k-, easily attainable through personal training. It also comes with a guarantee of incredible JOB SATISFACTION.