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Dear K11 Certified Personal Trainer - Your valid K11 certification entitles you, via RPL for international standards, REP's Level-3, assessments by assessors of ETA College in the K11 premises. Exams will be held from 15th October onwards.


With the increasing awareness of obesity and other health risks in India, the passion for maintaining positive changes to lifestyle has tremendously increased. This had led to a rise in the career options related to providing physical training. Personal training in India has become a career choice for many due to this wave of healthy living th
The last couple of years have witnessed a boom in the fitness, wellness and health industries. Markers such as an increased awareness, a rise in lifestyle diseases, growing disposable income, the need for stress management, exposure to the Western trends in fitness and sedentary occupations have pushed the fitness market in India like never before!
“Ah, that's music to my ears!!” The phrase signifies news that is pleasing and welcome. Music is that mysterious entity that has the power to inspire, heal, and move us to tears in sorrow and joy. There is no one person who has not enjoyed music at some point in life.  It is impossible to hold the body still when music is playing. Even a b
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In this sport, men do the job of Tow Trucks & a Dumbbell looks like that… Hahaha! [three_fourth] This sport of giants is something that has always fascinated me & this fascination led to me becoming the General Secretary of The Strongmen Federation Of India (SFI). In this blog, I will simply try and explain this sport to you & mak
[three_fourth] By – LATA RAJAN This post is not about Health and Nutrition but about achieving Inner Excellence and building Mental Muscle. The pathway – training to be a teacher at the K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. What does it take to become a PT Course Lecturer at K11? As a first step, one needs to enrol for the Lecturer Training Cou
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