These are all the emerging trends in the fitness Industry
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Emerging Trends in the Fitness Industry
Apr 15, 2021
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If the year before taught us anything, it’s that well-being is of utmost importance, both physical and mental. We’ve had to adapt to and undergo changes, and the fitness industry is no different. It too underwent its own transformation to adjust to the prevailing times, and that’s what this blog post is about—to gauge the emerging trends in the fitness industry. Routine gym-goers are currently leaning on technology to support their fitness regime, and consumer behavior is a driving force behind change. As fitness brands continue to innovate and adapt to changing consumer behavior, we see that technology-centered solutions are well on the rise. If you’re a fitness professional or are aspiring to be one, then being aware of the trends in the fitness industry will serve you well. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Digital Fitness Continues To Soar

The digital boom is driving growth for gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers. Digital solutions such as live streams and on-demand fitness platforms are helping brands win over their online audiences, build brand awareness, and eventually convert digital members to the in-gym experience. In the same breath, pertaining to the fitness industry, we can say that home fitness and digital workouts are becoming essential.

Moving on, technology will continue to be a crucial pillar for a fitness brand’s success. With the rise of more people looking for fully connected experiences, gyms and health clubs will need to conceptualize and implement digital solutions to serve multiple personas, needs, and expectations. Whatever it is, the entire offering, both digital and in-person, will need to be top notch to keep the customers availing fitness industry services. 

One of the best services using the technology that is immune to lockdowns is a concept that uses videoconferencing to train people personally. Many people wrongly call it virtual personal training. It’s actually personal training that happens remotely. Out of all the tech-related options out there, remote personal training is the real deal. One of the best examples of that is the GROWFITTER remote personal training app.

Remote Personal Training

Remote coaching is what allows members to work with a fitness professional in a one-on-one setting. This could be in the form of a nutrition consultation session or a physical training session. The prevailing status quo has forced many businesses to expand their online offering. As a common practice, members use personal trainers and coaches for that much-needed level of accountability and motivation. That’s doubly true for when you’re cooped up at home. That’s why remote coaching has room to expand in 2021 with trainers training their clients via videoconferencing intermediaries.

Home Workouts

It’s no surprise to see home fitness on the list of trends for 2021. At-home fitness technology and equipment continue to offer novel ways for people to exercise from the comfort of their home. While home workouts don’t replace going to the gym for most people, they still complement fitness routines. It looks like home fitness will continue to be a dominant trend in the year to come. For those who would like to have trainers at their home gyms, reputed personal trainer schools are teaching COVID-19 protocols to the personal trainers, and you can expect trainers to come fully armed with sanitization protocols. In fact, personal trainers are simply waiting their turn to get vaccinated and thus protect their clients.

Building Mind, Body, and Soul

Classpass reported that yoga was the top digital workout in 2020, which makes sense because when talking about fitness, we often associate only physical activity with health. But, mental health is just as important. Now, fitness goals go beyond physical activity alone. With the feeling of isolation rising through multiple age groups, mental health is a big focus in the upcoming times, and it’s for a good reason. The line between mind and body is merging, with people looking for ways to exercise both at the same time. Mind-body exercises like yoga and Pilates will continue to see a spike in demand. 

Flawless Hygiene Protocols Maintained by Personal Trainers Coming From Reputed Schools That Are Recognized by the Register for Exercise Professionals

Professionally qualified personal trainers who’re registered exercise professionals are well versed with the hygiene and sanitization protocols. They visit homes fully equipped with face shields and sanitizers. They understand that getting themselves vaccinated will provide a further boost in the confidence of their clients, with regard to their safety.

Fitness Wearables and Technology

Wearable technology and fitness trackers continue be on the rise and are majorly trending. Right now, consumers are sharing health data from smart watches, having access to a lot of information. Despite the burgeoning rise of AI coaches, personal training assistants, and fitness innovations in augmented and virtual reality, the appeal of an actual coach and a personal trainer doesn’t seem to be waning. With the current technology, in terms of fitness services being provided virtually, the day and age where personal trainers may get replaced seems like a very distant possibility. It has been seen that virtual AI-enabled platforms do excite the customer enough to purchase the services; however, the problem lies in retention, once the novelty wears off.

High-Intensity Interval Training

In the previous year, HIIT, now more popularly known as Metabolic Conditioning, came in at number 2 on ACSM’s (American College of Sports Medicine) Health and Fitness Journal Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends. It continues to look like HIIT/MetCon is here to stay as a staple way to work out. A major plus point of HIIT/MetCon is that it’s the best tool for the conditioning aspect of Strength&Conditioning through a combination of high-intensity bursts alternated with short, active rest-intervals of low intensity. This method of working out makes it ideal for a population that’s busy and lacking in free time. Popular HIIT workouts include a combination of cardio, bodyweight exercises, and free weights. And this trend is here to stay. This trend requires expert guidance, wherein a remote personal training coach comes handy. 

Outdoor Fitness Is Also an Option

A study by RunRepeat found that nearly 70% of the participants preferred working out at home and outdoors to stay fit. Even though outdoor fitness isn’t a novel concept, more and more people are choosing to purchase equipment and training at home with rudimentary equipment to reach their fitness goals. So, whether it’s an outdoor boot camp or a morning yoga class in the park, people are welcoming outdoor fitness with open arms.


Every year, new fitness trends and fads emerge. While fitness fads stick around for a short period of time, fitness trends are what you need to lookout for to capitalize on the moment in the fitness industry, and we attempted to highlight a few trends that are here to stay. Many of them can continue despite lockdowns, and hence the excuse of lockdowns can no longer be used for becoming unfit.

Emerging Trends in the Fitness Industry
Article Name
Emerging Trends in the Fitness Industry
If the year before taught us anything, it’s that well-being is of utmost importance, both physical and mental. We’ve had to adapt to and undergo changes, and the fitness industry is no different. It too underwent its own transformation to adjust to the prevailing times, and that’s what this blog post is about—to gauge the emerging trends in the fitness industry
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